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Presentation Is Everything

Binding ensures that papers and documents stay together. However, the right binding sends a message about those documents and your business. Naturally, we offer several types of binding to best serve your needs. Perfect binding attaches a sturdy cover to a stack of paper by using a flexible adhesive. This creates a rectangular spine. Essentially, perfect binding creates a book, just like the ones you can buy in a bookstore, only customized to your size. Saddle stitch binding takes a stack of papers and folds them in half creating a spine. Staples go through that spine, creating a booklet. This type of binding is often used for event programs, but has many creative applications as well.

For applications where it is acceptable to see the binding, we offer coil, comb, and velo bindings. These bindings are less expensive while still maintaining a professional look. Coil binding uses a spiral binding like those on spiral notebooks. Spiral binding allows documents to open flat, or even to be folded back. Comb binding is a plastic binding where several holes are punched along the side of the document and then each hole has a single comb that goes through to bind the document. Comb bindings are common for proposals or presentations. Velo bindings also bind the document through holes punched along the side, but the binding is hidden beneath a binding strip alongside the document. Velo bindings are commonly used for legal documents or executive briefings.


Binding Services

With so many options to choose from, rely on our printing and design experts to help you match the right price and functionality for your important documents. Thanks to our efficient operation, we can handle any size order from just a few documents to several hundred! 

Binding Options:

  • Perfect
  • Coil
  • Comb
  • Velo
  • Custom Sizes
  • Saddle Stitch
  • Perfect Binding

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